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Every sphere of society is crying out for Kingdom transformation! Sadly, poor teaching and great misunderstanding have led many Christians to reject any notion of so-called “dominion theology” This has left the dominion mandate that Jesus imparted to all believers woefully unfulfilled.

Dr. C. Peter Wagner understood that the reformation of society was never intended to come through man’s ideas and agendas; it could only be achieved through bold, empowered believers, intentional about reforming their culture through Kingdom principles and vision. The strategic keys and revelation Dr. Wagner presents in Dominion! are perhaps more relevant today than when he first penned them.

A collection of the original book release and its revised edition, this new edition of Dominion! features Dr. Wagner’s helpful perspective on theocracy and the tragic misunderstanding of dominion theology.

Discover vital keys to exercising authority over the powers of darkness and advancing the Kingdom of God through teachings on:

• Entering the Second Apostolic age and the move of God that is presently upon us
• Becoming the Church in the Workplace... by releasing Heaven’s influence and solutions into the marketplace
• Embracing the practice of spiritual warfare… by encouraging believers to exercise Jesus’ authority over darkness
• Anticipating the prophesied great transfer of wealth… and its role in shaping culture

We stand in a pivotal hour of history where there is both tremendous need and opportunity for the Church to bring powerful reformation to all spheres of society.

This is the hour to step into your authority and release God’s glory into every segment of your society. This is the hour for transformation!