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Hollywood Heroes

Hollywood Heroes

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Six fictional stories—Captain America, Iron Man, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and Wonder Woman—point us to the ultimate hero, Jesus Christ. Think about it. What if Batman knew your name and wanted to be friends with you?

What if you were the one that Tony Stark died to save? What if it was you that Luke Skywalker would stop at nothing to redeem?

Hollywood Heroes will awaken you to these questions and help you to see a God who stops at nothing to redeem you. And it will strengthen you to invite others into conversations of faith and life in Jesus.

Fictional stories about heroes help us realise that there is evil to fight, souls to be won, and growth to be achieved. It helps us recognise - regardless of religious or cultural beliefs - that sacrificing your life for another’s is a powerful and beautiful display of love.

Fictional heroes help us to reconsider what is tangibly in front of us through the lens of story rather than simply as just another day in our ordinary lives. Appealing straight to the heart, the stories bypass artificial barriers that we would normally block them with because our worldview has been threatened.

When we examine out-of-this-world qualities like idealism, genius, a willingness to sacrifice, discipline, loyalty, humility, courage, wisdom, focus, power, and love, we discover that Jesus practices them perfectly.