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Mark 9-16: The Servant King

Mark 9-16: The Servant King

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Have you ever arranged to meet someone for the first time, only to miss them because you expected someone who looked quite different? But more serious would be to miss God Himself, just because He didn't look like we expected...

This is exactly what happens in the second half of Mark's Gospel. Jesus is the King. But He comes to serve and suffer, not to fight political battles. He is Israel's Messiah. But He comes to judge those who believe they are already God's people. He is the promised Rescuer, but He can't even seem to save himself. Rejected by religious leaders, deserted by His followers, it seems everyone is missing who He really is. Could we make the same mistake as the people of Jesus' day?

This Good Book Guide will help you to know and understand Jesus, just as Mark knew Him—nothing that people expected, but more than any of us could hope for.