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Sacred Smallness

Sacred Smallness

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‘I asked God for a mic, and He gave me a broom!’

Have you noticed Jesus’ kingdom is upside down? To be first, you must be last. To find your life, you must lose it. To receive, you must give. And to lead, you must follow.

Jenny Kutz Papapostolou, who accepted God’s assignment to run a children’s orphanage in Greece, knows from experience that to achieve greatness in God’s Kingdom, you must first learn humility.

In Sacred Smallness, Jenny points out that, while Christian culture often heralds notoriety and wealth as the ultimate success, God is delighted in humble surrender - even when it leads to sacred smallness and holy hiddenness.

The granddaughter of well-known ministers Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Jenny observed firsthand that successful ministry actually begins in servanthood and shares:

• The best place to be faithful is wherever God has put you
• God’s measuring stick is all that counts, so don’t compare yourself to others
• God says you’re precious, so refuse all pressure to be perfect
• The key to finding quiet, dynamic strength in mustard-seed faith
• How to identify and remove idols that block you from God’s highest and best

True excitement and success await in your God-destined place, and it all begins with a heart toward God.