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Small Group Worship Vol. 1 CD

Small Group Worship Vol. 1 CD

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Small Group Worship Vol. 1 is the first in a new series of worship releases by Vineyard Records UK.

Small Group Worship Vol.1 brings together 16 well-known songs that have been specially arranged in a fresh, simple and stripped down way.

Featuring just vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and percussion these songs are especially intimate and have been deliberately keyed so that men and women can easily sing them together.

Ideal for small worship gatherings or times of personal devotion, Small Group Worship Vol.1 is an accessible and inspirational tool for your worship times.

These songs were arranged and recorded at Hull Vineyard over 2 days by a small band of Vineyard worship leaders & musicians. Ronnie McDermid (vocals and guitar) is a worship leader at Trent Vineyard, Kate Cooke (vocals), is a worship leader from Hull Vineyard, George Quin (piano) is a member of the worship team at Trent Vineyard and Jesse Duley (acoustic guitar) is worship coordinator at Kingdom Vineyard, St Andrews.