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The Influence Course

The Influence Course

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Christians know how to make noise. It's in our DNA. Whether it's trumpets at Jericho, cymbals in the Psalms, or worship bands with huge PAs.

We can mobilise huge numbers of people to march to make poverty history, send emails about climate change, or write letters about abortion. But there is a difference between just making noise and having real influence. That difference is RELATIONSHIP.

Can we make the journey from disconnected armchair commentators to participants who are being salt and light in the midst rather than at the edge of society? We all have influence.

The INFLUENCE COURSE will give you a biblical understanding of God's call for every one of us to be involved in the public square. Its not all about being a candidate - as the course says, its as important to be holding the clipboard as it is to be holding the microphone.

Politics made possible, politics made positive, politics made pressing. If you’re daunted by the prospect of getting involved in politics, or jaded by what you’ve seen of party politics, but want to help contribute to a kinder, more just, more Jesus-shaped, flourishing society, here’s an upbeat, practical, biblically rich, creatively written and successfully tested guide to help you and your church get purposefully and productively engaged … whoever you vote for --Mark Greene, Mission Champion, and former CEO of LICC

Christians aren’t meant to get their ultimate meaning from politics, we shouldn’t panic, despair or be triumphalist … but the Bible is very clear that we should definitely care and enter into the pain and the struggles of the world around us, and to find joy in serving our communities. This course is the perfect entry putting our Christian faith into practice in the public sphere --Tim Farron MP

The question we need to answer is not why should I get involved in politics, but why shouldn’t I? Every aspect of politics has a significant impact on the lives of others, in our communities, in our nation and across the world, but can often appear complex and conflictual; something for someone else. I encourage everyone to step through the Influence Course, which serves as a very digestible, practical and motivational course to help you explore your place in political engagement to serve in the public square, to pray, to partake and to represent. --Rachael Maskell MP

Christians in Politics seek to inspire and encourage Christians to answer the Biblical call to get involved in politics and public life. Believing that decisions are made by those who show up, Christians in Politics strives to put kingdom before tribe and disagree well, drawing together Christians from across the political parties and beyond. They are led by Andy Flannagan, whose book “Those Who Show Up” has catapulted many believers into public life.